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Australian-Made Quality and Customer Service

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Providing Aussie adventurers and 4WD enthusiasts with premium 12-volt solutions since 2006, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free outdoor adventure

PowerRoo is the trusted source for premium 12-volt solutions, proudly Australian-owned and operated. Our experienced engineers and automotive electricians have crafted high-quality, Australian-made 12V products in Melbourne since 2006.

We prioritise peace of mind by offering high-quality products at competitive prices. Whether you need custom solutions or off-the-shelf options, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

At PowerRoo, our team can provide intelligent control units, 12-volt battery management solutions, and 12-volt distribution systems, catering to everyone from weekend warriors to off-grid campers.

PowerRoo Team

Products designed and built in Australia are backed by teams that have the qualifications and experience to carry the Australian-made brand with confidence.

We have a dynamic team with decades of industry and technical experience and a passion for the 12-volt industry.

The PowerRoo team carries technical qualifications in the automotive electrical field, and engineering qualifications in the following discipline: electrical, electronics, mechanical design, hardware and embedded software, and this is backed by a strong technical support team.


PowerRoo Values

Authentic: We have a genuine passion to deliver a professional engineering solution to every customer.

Loyalty: We value our customers like our family and we want to partner with you.

Australian: We are an Australian company and we endeavour to support Australian businesses.

Service: We ensure our products are of the highest quality and provide the service to support them.

Innovation: We partner with you to provide solutions and value your loyalty over development expenses.

Obligation: We put our customers first, whether you need a single product or solutions at larger volumes.

Nature: We endeavour for every decision we make to ensure a minimised footprint on our environment.

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