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PowerBox XM

Fully Featured PowerBox

All the features of our PowerBox XL with the addition of a ninth component location. This model provides 4 x Switches, 1 x Voltmeter, 2 x Dual USB outlets, 2 x Power Outlets, 2 x Anderson plug outputs and a 6-Way blade fuse box. Australian-built PowerBox for the true adventurer.

PowerBox XR

Ford Ranger Install

Fitted in the rear canopy to provide power distribution to the camping fridge, oven, lights and accessories. This fit-out was completed just before the customer set off from Melbourne for the Big Bash in Birdsville and a long round trip via the Simpson Desert and Uluru.


PowerBox XR

Family Weekend

A couple of our customers were heading out camping using the family cars, not their work rigs of Rangers and Narvas, how can we power all the fridges, lights and kids’ devices without modifying the vehicle? We had them covered with a PowerBox and Anderson lead to suit each vehicle.

PowerBox XQ

Camper Power Distribution

Special orders and custom builds are an exciting part of the services we offer.

This PowerBox XQ is fitted in the camper as the main supply and junction power, fuse and outlet panel. The fusebox allowed the flexibility to power the lighting, fans and other accessories located throughout the camper.

Custom-Mini Power Box
Custom-Power Distribution

Custom Ranger Build

Lighting Control Centre

Our customer needed a PowerBox solution with four additional switched outputs for 12V LED lighting. The entire custom Ranger canopy system is blacked out so we keep this look with a stealthy satin finish complemented with an 8-way black connector for the switched output circuits to the LED lights.

Custom PowerBox XS

Toyota Hilux SR5

We thrive on special orders and this application called for the small form factor of the PowerBox XS series in black. Fitment was in the rear tub near the taillight on an SR5 Hilux, the upgrade included an additional 12V cigarette outlet and relocation of the switch controlling the USB and Voltmeter.


Larger XS Case

Future Proof the Hilux

Our customer wanted all the PowerBox XS features in a larger case so they could add some extra features to there Hilux in the future, so we built this custom XS with an 80mm high case rather than the standard 55mm case. They were happy we could accommodate and we like it so much we think it should be a standard option.

Custom PowerBox XS

Mirrored Design

One of our valued customers wanted to design a mirrored version of the PowerBox XS series (move the Anderson outlets to the left side). The request also included changing to twin power outlets and heavier gauge cables. We got this unit built and shipped within a couple of days and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

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