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1 Metre 2 Way Anderson Lead


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The PowerRoo 1 Metre 2 Way Anderson Lead is a versatile and reliable choice for connecting your power sources. Featuring Anderson-style plugs for secure and genderless connections, this lead is equipped with full metal contacts, soldered for maximum reliability. The 50 Amp, 600 V connector design with 6mm heavy-duty Australian cable ensures low resistance and optimal current flow. Ideal for short-distance connections, it’s perfect for both weekend trips and longer off-grid adventures.

  • Anderson-style plugs are designed to provide secure and reliable connections using a convenient genderless plug design.
  • The broad-width contact surface area ensures low resistance and maximum current flow.
  • Anderson Style Plug 50 Amp
  • 6mm industry equivalent heavy-duty high-quality genuine Australian cable
  • Automotive-grade multiple strand cable with a cross-sectional area of 4.59mm2
  • 50 Amp, 600 V Design
  • Connector dimensions: 48mm x 36mm x 15.5mm
  • Heavy-duty high quality genuine Australian automotive grade cable
  • All our custom products are hand-built and tested in our Australian workshop
  • Shipping via Australia Post.
  • Australia only with secure parcel tracking where possible.

Additional Customer Reviews

Really impressed with the quality and customer service, pays to buy Australian. This fuse box setup was exactly what I needed to connect up all my camper trailer lighting.
PowerBox XR
Trent A.
Had a great experience ordering online. They answered questions and sent the order with tracking very quickly and the product is of great quality.
PowerBox XS
Andrew S.
Was very impressed with the products I purchased. Excellent quality and workmanship. Very fast turnaround time!
PowerBox XS
Morry P.


At PowerRoo we offer a 12-month guarantee, ensuring that if any product does not operate as intended, we will resolve the issue. Contact us via email for personalised technical support with your product’s unique identifier.

We ship using Australia Post and provide secure parcel tracking where possible. Standard postage typically takes 3-5 days, and express takes 1-2 days, though this may vary based on location and Australia Post’s service.

PowerRoo does not accept returns due to a change of mind. Warranty claims must be made within 30 days, and customers need to pre-pay for return shipping.

PowerRoo’s products are designed and built in Australia by a team of experienced engineers and automotive electricians, ensuring high-quality Australian-made 12V products.

Yes, at PowerRoo we can design and build products to your specific requirements, including different boxes, connectors, wire gauges, power outlets, USB outlets, voltmeters, and accessories.  Including building custom wiring harnesses and suppling complete systems. Contact us today for a quote.

The PowerRoo team has technical qualifications in the automotive electrical field, and engineering qualifications in electrical, electronics, mechanical design, hardware, and embedded software, all backed by strong technical support.

We have a commitment to authenticity and service, at PowerRoo we ensure all products are of the highest quality and are backed by excellent customer support.

At PowerRoo we strive to minimise our environmental footprint in every decision we make, aligning with our values of respecting our country and the bush for all to enjoy for generations to come.

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